Science Lab

Hand on learning center for children to enjoy experiments. The special feature of lab is the latest technological devices to aid scientific learning. 

Dance/Music Room

Designed Soulfully to help students explore the deep, musical side of their personality.

Conference Room

A multipurpose hall, center of attraction of the school, is comfortably used for various seminars, orientations, creative presentations & personality development programmes. It is also a venue for different curricular and co- curricular activities may it be, divinity, music, dance etc

Maths Lab

Math lab help the students to understand abstract concepts through designed activities using manipulatives, 2D & 3D models, board games, mind games, etc. This experience allows them to discover many important mathematical principles making math learning easy and enjoyable.


The School Library provides excellent academic texts and journals. The library is regularly updated by magazines, newspapers, teaching aids, handbooks, story books, reference books, etc. Embellished with a vast knowledge bank of books on every subject for every age-group.

Outings/Educational visits

No knowledge of the world at large is complete without actually travelling, observing and experiencing the diversity of people, places and culture. Learning opportunities beyond classrooms is assured through visit by Imperial school. This exposure render students the chance for informal learning environment, gain new perspectives, build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environment and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

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